List of CFTP Preprints
List of CFTP preprints in 2019


Preprint: CFTP/19-029
Authors: Miguel Nebot
Title: Non-Decoupling in Two Higgs Doublets Models, Spontaneous CP Violation and $\mathbb{Z}_2$ symmetry

Preprint: CFTP/19-028
Authors: Igor P. Ivanov, Celso C. Nishi
Title: Discriminating between CP and family transformations in the bilinear space of NHDM
ArXive: arXiv:1910.08316  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/19-027
Authors: Duarte Fontes, Luis Lavoura,Jorge C. Romao and Joao P. Silva
Title: One-loop corrections to the ZbB vertex in models with scalar doublets and singlets

Preprint: CFTP/19-026
Authors: Duarte Fontes, Jorge C. Romao
Title: FeynMaster: a plethora of Feynman tools
ArXive: arXiv:1909.05876  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/19-025
Authors: S. S. Correia, R. G. Felipe, F. R. Joaquim
Title: Dirac neutrinos in the 2HDM with restrictive Abelian symmetries

Preprint: CFTP/19-024
Authors: Duarte Fontes, Jorge C. Romao and Jose W. F. Valle
Title: Electroweak Breaking and Higgs Boson Profile in the Simplest Linear Seesaw Model

Preprint: CFTP/19-023
Authors: Juan Herrero-Garcia, Miguel Nebot, Filip Rajec, Martin White, Anthony G. Williams
Title: Higgs Quark Flavor Violation: Simplified Models and Status of General Two-Higgs-Doublet Model

Preprint: CFTP/19-022
Authors: Francisco S. Faro, Igor P. Ivanov
Title: Boundedness from below in the U(1)×U(1) Three-Higgs-Doublet model
ArXive: arXiv:1907.01963  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/19-021
Authors: David d'Enterria, Stefan Kluth (eds.), J.Pires, et al.
Title: alpha_strong(2019): Precision measurements of the QCD coupling
ArXive: 1907.01435  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/19-020
Authors: D. Britzger, J. Currie, A. Gehrmann-De Ridder, T. Gehrmann, E.W.N. Glover, C. Gwenlan, A. Huss, T. Morgan, J. Niehues, Joao Pires, K. Rabbertz, M.R. Sutton
Title: Calculations for deep inelastic scattering using fast interpolation grid techniques at NNLO in QCD and the extraction of alpha_s from HERA data
ArXive: 1906.05303  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/19-019
Authors: P. P. Novichkov, J. T. Penedo, S. T. Petcov, A. V. Titov
Title: Generalised CP Symmetry in Modular-Invariant Models of Flavour
ArXive: 1905.11970  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/19-018
Authors: x
Title: Number not given

Preprint: CFTP/19-017
Authors: J.~A.~Aguilar--Saavedra, F.~R. Joaquim
Title: The minimal stealth boson: models and benchmark

Preprint: CFTP/19-016
Authors: Aude Gehrmann-De Ridder, Thomas Gehrmann, E.W.N. Glover, Alexander Huss, Joao Pires
Title: The triple differential di-jet cross section at the LHC
ArXive: 1905.09047  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/19-015
Authors: Igor P. Ivanov, Valery G. Serbo, Pengming Zhang
Title: Fate of the Landau-Yang theorem for twisted photons
ArXive: 1904.12110  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/19-014
Authors: Elmar P. Biernat, Franz Gross, M. T. Pe\~na, Alfred Stadler, Sofia Leit\~ao
Title: Quark mass function from a OGE-type interaction in Minkowski space
ArXive: 1904.07711v1  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/19-013
Authors: Pedro M. Ferreira, Luís Lavoura
Title: No strong CP violation up to the one-loop level in a two-Higgs-doublet model

Preprint: CFTP/19-012
Authors: Ivo De Medeiros Varzielas (Lisbon, CFTP), Stephen F. King (Southampton U.)
Title: Origin of Yukawa couplings for Higgs and leptoquarks
ArXive: 1902.09266  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/19-011
Authors: Marco Ciuchini (INFN, Rome3), António M. Coutinho (INFN, Rome3 & Lisbon, CFTP), Marco Fedele (ICC, Barcelona U.), Enrico Franco (INFN, Rome), Ayan Paul (DESY & Humboldt U., Berlin), Luca Silvestrini (INFN, Rome & CERN), Mauro Valli (UC, Irvine)
Title: New Physics in 𝑏→𝑠ℓ+ℓ− confronts new data on Lepton Universality
ArXive: 1903.09632  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/19-010
Authors: Ivo De Medeiros Varzielas, Miguel Levy (Lisbon, CFTP), Ye-Ling Zhou (Southampton U.)
Title: Effective alignments and the landscape of S4 flavour models
ArXive: 1903.10506  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/19-009
Authors: Gernot Eichmann, Christian S. Fischer, Esther Weil, Richard Williams
Title: Single pseudoscalar meson pole and pion box contributions to the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon
ArXive: arXiv:1903.10844  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/19-008
Authors: Gernot Eichmann, Christian S. Fischer, Esther Weil, Richard Williams
Title: Single pseudoscalar meson pole and pion box contributions to the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon
ArXive: arXiv:1903.10844  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/19-007
Authors: x
Title: Number not given

Preprint: CFTP/19-006
Authors: Johannes Bellm, Andy Buckley, Xuan Chen, Aude Gehrmann-De Ridder, Thomas Gehrmann, Nigel Glover, Alexander Huss, Joao Pires, Stefan Hoche, Joey Huston, Silvan Kuttimalai, Simon Platzer, Emanuele Re
Title: Jet cross sections at the LHC and the quest for higher precision
ArXive: 1903.12563  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/19-005
Authors: Ivo de Medeiros Varzielas, Igor P. Ivanov
Title: Recognizing symmetries in 3HDM in basis-independent way
ArXive: 1903.11110  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/19-004
Authors: Francisco J. Botella
Title: CPT Violation in $B_s^0$ -- $\bar B_s^0$ mixing and the measurement of CP Violation in $B_s\to K^+ K^-$

Preprint: CFTP/19-003
Authors: Darius Jurciukonis, Luis Lavoura
Title: More five-parameter models for lepton mixing

Preprint: CFTP/19-002
Authors: P. Azzi, S. Farry, P. Nason, A. Tricoli, D. Zeppenfeld (editors), J.Pires, et al.
Title: Standard Model Physics at the HL-LHC and HE-LHC
ArXive: 1902.04070  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/19-001
Authors: Igor P. Ivanov, Celso C. Nishi, Andreas Trautner
Title: Beyond basis invariants
ArXive: 1901.11472  SPIRES Citations


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