List of CFTP preprints in 2017


Preprint: CFTP/17-007
Authors: Hermes Belusca-Maito, Adam Falkowski, Duarte Fontes, Jorge. C. Romao, Joao P. Silva
Title: CP violation in 2HDM and EFT: the ZZZ vertex

Preprint: CFTP/17-006
Authors: Walter Grimus, Luis Lavoura
Title: Cobimaximal lepton mixing from soft symmetry breaking

Preprint: CFTP/17-005
Authors: Miguel P. Bento, Howard E. Haber, J. C. Romao and Joao P. Silva
Title: Sum rules and unitarity bounds in multi-Higgs doublet models

Preprint: CFTP/17-004
Authors: Joao M. Alves, Francisco J. Botella, Gustavo C. Branco, Fernando Cornet-Gomez, Miguel Nebot
Title: Controlled Flavour Changing Neutral Couplings in Two Higgs Doublet Models

Preprint: CFTP/17-003
Authors: Igor P. Ivanov
Title: CP-symmetry of order 4 and its consequences

Preprint: CFTP/17-002
Authors: Igor P. Ivanov
Title: Building and testing models with extended Higgs sectors
ArXive: 1702.03776  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/17-001
Authors: Darius Jurciukonis and Luis Lavoura
Title: GAP listing of the finite subgroups of U(3)of order smaller than 2000


Last Updated November 18, 2017