Quantum Yang-Mills Dynamics in the Infrared

Dr. Hans-Peter Pavel

(GSI and TU Darmstadt)

Sala P7, IST, Edifício Pós-Graduação
Tuesday, September 19th, 2006 at 04:00 PM


The physical quantum hamiltonian of SU(2) Yang-Mills theory is obtained by implementing the Gauss' law constraints on the physical states in the symmetric gauge \chi(A)_j = \epsilon_aij A_ai = 0, suitable for the study of the low energy sector of the theory. The resulting Hamiltonian in terms of gauge invariant local fields is then expanded in the number of spatial derivatives equivalent to an expansion in 1/g. The quantum mechanics of spatially homogeneous fields, corresponding to the zeroth order in the derivative expansion, is solved numerically with high accuracy in the low energy region. Finally, the next order of spatially slightly varying fields is included by consideration of a spatial lattice. In difference to standard lattice calculations based on the Wilson loops, the basic variable in our approach are directly the fundamental gauge invariant local fields.

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