An even lighter QCD axion

Pablo QuĂ­lez


Zoom Online Seminar
Thursday, March 25th, 2021 at 04:00 PM


We explore whether the axion which solves the strong CP problem can naturally be much lighter than the canonical QCD axion. The Z_N symmetry proposed by Hook, with N mirror and degenerate worlds coexisting in Nature and linked by the axion field, is considered. Two specific ultraviolet Z_N completions are developed: a composite axion one and a KSVZ-like model with improved Peccei-Quinn quality.

On a second step, we show that dark matter can be accounted for by this extremely light axion. This includes the first proposal of a ``fuzzy dark matter'' QCD axion. A novel misalignment mechanism occurs -- trapped misalignment-- due to the peculiar temperature dependence of the Z_N axion potential which enhances the axionic relic density. Furthermore, the trapped misalignment can also dynamically source the recently proposed kinetic misalignment mechanism.

The resulting universal enhancement of all axion interactions relative to those of the canonical QCD axion has a strong impact on the prospects of ALP experiments such as ALPS II, IAXO and many others. For instance, even Phase I of Casper Electric could discover this axion.

(Based on 2102.00012 and 2102.01082)

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