Complete low-scale unification of families and forces

António Morais

(Universidade de Aveiro)

Zoom Online Seminar
Thursday, May 20th, 2021 at 04:00 PM


In this seminar I will present a novel picture featuring a complete unification of all families and forces. While in the traditional approach the unification scale, or GUT scale, lies beyond 10^{16} GeV, far above our experimental reach, in our model it is consistently realized 10 orders of magnitude below while complying with proton decay constraints. The model also features spontaneous supersymmetry breaking close to the GUT scale without needing to invoke the usual, and rather arbitrary, soft-SUSY breaking approach. The smallness of the electroweak scale results from radiative breaking effects and only one light Higgs boson is expected in the model. Last but not least, only the first and second generation quark masses are induced at three-level while the masses of the remaining quark and leptons are of radiative origin. This, together with a rich flavour structure, offers enough complexity to potentially address the flavour problem from a well defined first principles approach. I will finalize commenting on the prospects for new physics searches at the reach of modern experiments.

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