Tau decays into 2K pi channels within Resonance Chiral Theory

Dr. Pablo Roig

(Univ. Valencia - IFIC, Spain)

Sala P8, IST, Edifício Matemática
Thursday, May 31st, 2007 at 03:00 PM


The analysis of the tau -> K^+ K^- pi^- nu_tau decays by the CLEO-III experiment has shown noticeable inconsistencies. We have studied this decay within the framework of Resonance Chiral Theory. Most of the unknown couplings of our Effective Lagrangian have been determined by requiring the asymptotic behaviour ruled by QCD both to the vector and axial-vector form factors. Our results have been implemented in the SHERPA Monte-Carlo, a tool to be used at LHC and Tevatron. Current and forthcoming experiments, either from B-factories like BaBar and Belle, or from tau-charm factories like BES have an ambitious tau decays program that will be able to settle our study. We have also computed within the same framework those decay modes including one Kaon, that will be used to improve the simultaneous determination of the strange quark mass and the CKM matrix element V_{us}, and plan to complete all three meson decays in the future.

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