Flavor-GUT: large mixing and mass hierarchy in SM

Marco Picariello

(Uni. Lecce, INFN, Italy)

Sala P9, IST, Edifício Matemática
Thursday, November 20th, 2008 at 04:00 PM


After more than one century of development, from Maxwell on, electroweak particle physics can be reasumed in one page. Next steps are the open flavour puzzles: fermion mass hierarchy and large lepton mixing angles. We investigate such puzzles in the context of a grand unified flavor and gauge theory (GUTF). We write an explicit model where flavour symmetry is A4 and gauge symmetry is SO(10). Naturalness of the charged fermion mass hierarchy appears as a consequence of the continuous SU(3) flavor symmetry. Moreover, the same discrete A4-GUT invariant operators are the root of the large lepton mixing, small Cabibbo angle, and neutrino masses.

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