The lepton flavor violation road to new physics

Avelino Vicente

(Uni. Liège, Belgium)

Sala 2.8.3, IST, Dept. de Física
Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 at 04:00 PM


The field of lepton flavor violation will live an era of unprecedented developments in the near future, with dedicated experiments in different fronts. The observation of a flavor violating process involving charged leptons would be a clear evidence of physics beyond the Standard Model, thus motivating the great effort in this direction. Furthermore, in case a positive signal is found, a proper theoretical understanding of the lepton flavor anatomy of a given model would become necessary. In this talk I will review the current situation, emphasizing the most relevant theoretical and phenomenological aspects of several processes. Then I will discuss two topics that have received some attention recently: lepton flavor violation in low-scale seesaw models and lepton flavor violating Higgs decays.

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