JINR Neutrino Program

Dmitry Naumov

(JINR, Dubna)

Sala 2.8.3, IST, Dept. de FĂ­sica
Wednesday, December 6th, 2017 at 04:30 PM


Neutrino physics in Dubna stems from a School of Bruno Pontecorvo who worked most of his life in JINR. Today, JINR Neutrino Program covers almost all topics in neutrino physics. Scientists and engineers working within this program participate in 13 neutrino experiments: BAIKAL GVD, JUNO, Daya Bay, NOvA, DUNE, SuperNEMO, GERDA, OPERA, DANSS, nuGEN, GEMMA, BOREXINO, SOX thus comprising the widest neutrino research program. Also, there is an ongoing work on theory and phenomenology of neutrino oscillations and neutrino interactions. In this talk I will make a summary of major physics topics covered by JINR Neutrino Program and report about current status and nearest plans.

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