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This Conference celebrates the work of Jorge Crispim Romão and brings together the many students, collaborators and friends who were touched in the last forty years by his insightful Physics and simple demeanour.

His publications in 1977 of On the phenomenology of the Pomeron, Unified superconformal gauge theories, and Algorithms for multidimensional numerical integration with singularities, already highlight the breath of interests that he pursued. Followed later by, for example, Higgs Production at e+ e- Colliders, Neutrino masses and mixings from supersymmetry with bilinear R parity violation: A Theory for solar and atmospheric neutrino oscillations, or even Redox chemistry of low-pH formas of tetrahemic cytochrome c3. Who else do you know whose publications range from Chemistry to Quantum Gravity, including Numerical Computation?

But Jorge has also had a very strong impact on teaching at ‘Instituto Superior Técnico’ (IST) and beyond. He did not hide from the tough broad base subjects for engineers, with very large numbers of students. Instead, he presented them with beautiful new insights, as seen in his book ‘Electromagnetismo’ (IST Press, with A.B. Henriques), now in its second edition. He devised whole new advanced courses, for which he wrote the respective books. For many Portuguese and Brazilian physicists, the books in his homepage are the go-to source on Quantum Field Theory. His ‘Computational Techniques in Quantum Field Theory’ webpage is also the source for anyone interested in the details of loop calculations using computer techniques, and he is often queried on them by students from around the world.

And last (but not least), Jorge had a strong impact in the organization at IST and on the development of Particle Physics in Portugal. He held many positions both within IST and the Portuguese Science Funding Agency. But he was always happy to do the heavy work, even with no formal recognition.

Do join us in celebrating the forty years Jorge has already spent at the service of Physics research, education and management. And wishing for many more...

You can read many comments celebrating Jorge here.

This Conference will take place in Lisboa, Portugal, at the Instituto Superior Técnico, on the 10th of July 2017. A map of the location may be found here. The closest subway ("Metro") stations are Saldanha and Alameda, on the Red Line. These are the directions to the conference room: (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro) in Complexo Interdisciplinar (a.k.a. Anfiteatro do Complexo Interdisciplinar).

We would appreciate it if you could divulge the conference poster.

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