The main objective of the Light Cone 2016 conference series is to provide a yearly update of the knowledge in light-front theory and its phenomenological applications.


Light-front theory provides a suitable framework to calculate observables such as scattering amplitudes, decay rates, spin effects, parton distributions, and other hadronic observables. Indirectly, a comparison of these calculations to experimental data can illuminate novel QCD effects.


The conferences of the series Light Cone are held each year under the auspices of the International Light Cone Advisory Committee (ILCAC) (http://www.ilcacinc.org) .


An important aspect of the Conference series is to motivate and encourage young researchers in the field and prepare them for leadership roles.


The LC2016 conference takes place at IST, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal, from 5 to 8 September 2016.


Topics to be included are:

  1. New frontiers and challenges in experimental Hadron Physics
  2. Light Front Field Theory in QCD and QED
  3. Non-perturbative methods in Quantum Field theory
  4. Lattice Gauge Theories
  5. Relativistic models for hadrons and nuclei
  6. Few-Body problems on the Light Cone.

Registration: from 1st March to 25th August

Abstracts: the deadline for abstract submissions was extended to  July 1st

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