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Multi-Higgs Models

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2009 Welcome

In 1964 it was shown how a theory with a Goldstone boson and a massless gauge boson may become a theory with one massive gauge boson and one massive scalar particle: the Higgs. This is now encoded as the electroweak symmetry breaking mechanism of the Standard Model.

But there is no fundamental reason why there should be only one Higgs. And Multi-Higgs models open up a wonderful new world:

  • the existence of charged scalars;
  • mixing between neutral scalar particles;
  • CP violation in the scalar sector;
  • vacua where charge conservation is broken;
  • substantial contributions to flavour-changing neutral currents;
  • and the possibility of spontaneous CP violation.

These features become extremely relevant in the search for Higgs particles. Thus, Multi-Higgs models provide a very interesting testing ground for physics beyond the Standard Model in the electroweak symmetry breaking sector.

Forty five years after the Higgs particle was proposed, LHC is on the verge of probing whether there is indeed one Higgs scalar or, perhaps, more.

This Workshop brings together those interested in the theory and phenomenology of Multi-Higgs models. The program is designed to include talks given by some of the leading experts in the field, and also ample time for discussions and collaboration betweeen researchers. A particular emphasis will be placed on identifying those features of the models which might be tested at the LHC.

This Conference will take place in Lisboa, Portugal, at the Complexo Interdisciplinar da UL, on the 16th, 17th and 18th of September 2009.

We would appreciate it if you could divulge the conference poster.

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