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Multi-Higgs Models

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2009 Program

Wednesday, 16 September 2009
The scalar sector: symmetries, invariants and cosmology


8.30 - 9.00 Registration and Welcoming
9.00 - 9.40 Custodial symmetry breaking in the two-Higgs-doublet model (slides)
Howard Haber, Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics, UC Santa Cruz
9.50 - 10.30 How to analyze the general two-Higgs-doublet model (slides)
Igor P. Ivanov, Liege Univ. and Sobolev IM, Novosibirsk
10.40 - 11.10 Coffee break
11.10 - 11.50 Heretical Higgs Boson(s) (slides)
Jack Gunion, University of California at Davis
12.00 - 12.40 How to detect symmetries in multi-Higgs models (slides)
P.M. Ferreira, ISEL and CFTC, University of Lisbon


14.30 - 15.00 Physical parameters and basis transformations in the Two-Higgs-Doublet model (slides)
Celso Nishi, University of Campinas, São Paulo
15.10 - 15.40 Unconventional phenomenology of a minimal two-Higgs-doublet model (slides)
Michel Herquet, Theory Group, NIKHEF
15.50 - 16.10 The Next-to-Minimal Scale Invariant Standard Model (slides)
Lisa Alexander-Nunneley, University of Manchester
16.20 - 16.40 The evolution of vacuum states and phase transitions in 2HDM during cooling of Universe (slides)
Kostantin Kanishev, Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk
16.50 - 17.20 Coffee collaborations

Thursday, 17 September 2009
Scalars, fermions, and Yukawa couplings


9.00 - 9.40 Family symmetries, Yukawa couplings and fermion mass structure
Graham Ross, Dep. of Physics, Univ. of Oxford
9.50 - 10.30 Renormalisation of tan beta in the MSSM, gauge invariance
and scheme dependence of SUSY observables
Fawzi Boudjema, LAPTH CNRS, Annecy
10.40 - 11.10 Coffee break
11.10 - 11.50 Flavour-Changing Neutral Currents in Multi-Higgs Models
Gustavo C. Branco, Dept. of Physics and CFTP, IST
12.00 - 12.40 Spontaneously broken two Higgs 5D models (slides)
Daniele Dominici, INFN, Firenze


14.30 - 15.00 CP violation in charged Higgs decay and production in MSSM (slides)
Ekaterina Christova , INRNE, Sofia
15.10 - 15.40 Inert Multiplet Dark Matter and Direct Detection experiments (slides)
Ling Fu-Sin, Université Libre de Bruxelles
15.50 - 16.10 A general approach to the most general Two-Higgs-Doublet model in the Yukawa sector (slides)
Paula Tuzon, Univ. of Valencia
16.20 - 16.40 Tri-bi-maximal mixing in a viable family symmetry unified model (slides)
Ivo Varzielas, CFTP, IST
16.50 - 17.20 Coffee collaborations

Friday, 18 September 2009
Higgs searches and LHC


9.00 - 9.40 Supersymetric Higgs
Marcela Carena, Fermilab
9.50 - 10.30 A two-Higgs-doublet model with maximal CP symmetry, the MCPM.
Yukawa couplings and predictions for the LHC
Otto Nachtmann, University of Heidelberg
10.40 - 11.10 Coffee break
11.10 - 11.50 Constraing 2HDMs at existing and future colliders (slides)
Maria Krawczyk, University of Warsaw
12.00 - 12.40 The Higgs boson sector in models with spontaneously broken R-parity (slides)
Jorge C. Romão, Dept. of Physics and CFTP, IST


14.30 - 15.00 Search for leptonic Higgs at the LHC (slides)
Rui Santos, School of Physics and Astronomy, Univ. of Southampton
15.10 - 15.40 Asking for a high-pT photon in Higgs production at LHC (slides)
Barbara Mele, INFN, Sezione di Roma, University Sapienza
15.50 - 16.10 Unstable nature of the Higgs boson and its mass bounds
Jim Kallarackal, Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin
16.20 - 16.40 The evolution of the Universe to the present Inert phase (slides)
Dorota Sokolowska, University of Warsaw
16.50 - 17.20 Coffee collaborations
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