CFTP has 16 permanent members, plus 6 to 12 postdoctoral fellows with PhD. About two-thirds of the permanent members have tenure positions at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), while three of the permanent members belong to other universities. All important decisions of the Centre are made by the Scientific Committee. This committee includes all permanent members.
The Executive Committee (EC) takes care of all daily business:
Present members of the EC:
Margarida Nesbitt Rebelo (chairperson)
Gustavo C. Branco
Filipe R. Joaquim
J.I. Silva-Marcos

Our centre has an official Regulation approved by IST.

An External Independent Advisory Commission (Comissão Externa Permanente de Aconselhamento Científico - CEPAC), composed of leading scientists in the Field, Jose Bernabeu, Wilfried Buchmüller and Dan Olof Riska, reports each year on the work of CFTP.