CFTP has recently brought to IST the Bonn Particle Physics Show to which around 300 students attended. We also participate in several outreach events organised at IST for high school/undergraduate students like:

IST Physics Week – One week of Physics demonstrations and public talks for high-school students.

Challenging the limits of Science and Technology –Two days of short talks for high-school students about the research done at the Physics Department of IST.

Enlarging the limits of Science and Technology – One-day event for undergraduate students about the research opportunities at the Physics Department of IST.

International Masterclasses – Hands on Particle Physics: One day event where high-school students have lectures and analyse real LHC data.

International Physics Olympiads 2018: Annual competition for high-school students.

CFTP Inside Views – CFTP presentation at the national meeting of Physics students. 

PhD Open Days – Annual event organized at IST for PhD students to promote their research. 

Nuclear day  - This event includes an open debate on advanced training perspectives, research and employment in Nuclear Science.

We are also invited regularly to visit high-schools and talk to students about Science in general and particle physics.


Videos of some of our students, describing their MSc work done at CFTP