Information for our Visitors

The Home Institute of CFTP is Instituto Superior Técnico, (Técnico), in Lisbon. If you come from the Airport, maybe you would like to visit the Airport site, or if by train the Railway site .

From the airport to the Tecnico campus and CFTP, you can take a taxi (and expect to pay around 20 euros), the Underground/Metro (stop Alameda) or the Bus.

Take a look at the WEST-side of the Tecnico Campus + Metro-Saldanha-stop, or at the EAST-side of the Tecnico Campus + Metro-Alameda-stop.

The campus of Técnico has four gates: Alameda, Antonio Jose de Almeida, Alves Redol, Rovisco Pais.

The best Metro stop is Alameda, although the one at Saldanha is also whithin walking distance. If you get out at Alameda our campus is not far, just at the top of the hill (to the West). To ride the Metro you can buy tickets at the vending machines inside any of the stations. You may also take Bus 744 from the airport to Saldanha.

To ride the buses, you buy a ticket from the driver: normal buses inside Lisbon, fare 2 Euro. Be sure to have small change and coins with you. There are also special tickets for a whole day and others. Find out more at the public bus company of Lisbon, Carris.

Other interesting routes: Bus 736 stops at Saldanha and goes all the way to the Cascais-Estoril railway station (Cais do Sodré) near the river Tagus. It stops at the main avenues and squares in the centre of Lisbon, e.g. Avenida da Républica, Saldanha, Marquês de Pombal, Avenida da Liberdade, Rossio and Praça do Comércio.

If you stay in Lisbon for long, it is less expensive (instead of buying tickets on the Bus) to acquire a "Passe Social" Lisboa Viva, which is a overall transport card with identification. Each month, your Passe Social can be updated on a machine. This enables you to use the Bus, Metro and Railway on pre-defined zones (including or not including weekends) according to the price.

Hotels: Our visitors are usually housed in one of the hotels near to the Campus; e.g. Hotel A.S. Lisboa is 50 - 100 m away, while Hotel Turim Alameda is just next door, 10 m away.
Restaurants: Just outside the Campus you may find good restaurants, most of them serving lunch at very acceptable prices, e.g. at 9 - 15 Euro per person. Inside the building, there are also cheap restaurants/cantines/cafetarias. Here the meals are even cheaper (around or less than 5 Euro).

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