CFTP, Departamento de Física, Instituto Superior Técnico,
Avenida Rovisco Pais nr. 1, 1049-001 Lisboa, Portugal

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Members of CFTP and contacts
Permanent Members
Name Email Phone Ext.
Gustavo C. Branco
(Fermion Masses, Mixing, CP Violation.)
gbranco at +351 218417933 1933
Ivo de Medeiros Varzielas (Fermion Masses, Mixing, Family Symmetries, CP violation) at +351 218419112 3112
Samuel Eleutério
(Natural Language Processing, Electronic Lexicons and Grammars)
sme at +351 218419106 3106
Ricardo González Felipe (CP Violation, Neutrino Physics, BAU.) gonzalez at +351 218419413 3413
Filipe Joaquim
(Physics beyond the SM (neutrino, flavour, Higgs and collider physics) and particle physics interplay with cosmology and astroparticles (baryogenesis mechanisms and dark matter) )
filipe.joaquim at +351 218419704 3704
Luís Lavoura (Fermion Masses, Mixing, CP Violation. Higgs Physics, Flavour Physics including Neutrinos.) balio at + 351 218419578 3578
Paulo A. Parada
(Fermion Masses, Mixing, CP Violation.)
pparada at +351 275241544 -
João Pulido
(Long baseline neutrino oscillations, DUNE and sterile neutrinos.)
pulido at +351 218419109 3109
M. N. Rebelo
(Higgs and Flavour Physics including Neutrinos. CP violation)
rebelo at +351 218419010 3010
Jorge C. Romão (Higgs Physics, Neutrino Physics and Supersymmetry.) jorge.romao at +351 218417778 1778
João P. Silva
(CP Violation, B Decays, Higgs Physics.)
jpsilva at 218419093 3093
J.I. Silva-Marcos
(Fermion Masses, Mixing, CP Violation, Extra Dimensions, Vector Like Fermions)
juca at +351 218418006 2006
Associate Members
Name Email Phone Ext.
Augusto Barroso (U. Lisboa)
(Higgs Physics, CP-Violation, Fermion Masses and Mixing)
augusto.barroso at
Juan.A. Aguilar-Saavedra (U, Granada)
(Collider Physics, Physics beyond the SM, Exotic Fermions.)
jaas at
Francisco Botella (U. Valencia)
(B-physics, Physics Beyond the SM)
Francisco.Botella at
Odd Magne Ogreid (WNUAS, Bergen)
(Higgs Physics, CP violation)
Odd.Magne.Ogreid at
Per Osland (U. Bergen)
(CP violation, Dark matter, Electroweak interactions, Extra dimensions, Higgs phenomenology)
Per.Osland at
Sergio Palomares-Ruiz (U. Valencia)
(Dark Matter, Astrophysics, Cosmology)
sergio.palomares.ruiz at 218419718 3718
Jose Valle (U. Valencia)
(Neutrino Physics, Fermion masses and mixing, LFV and CP violation, SUSY phenomenology)
valle at
FCT Researchers
Name Email Phone Ext.
Jan Hajer (Collider Phenomenology, Effective Field Theories, Right-handed Neutrinos, Long-lived Particles) jan.hajer at 218419718 3718
Post Docs
Name Email Phone Ext.
Elmar Biernat
(Hadronic Physics, Nuclear Physics)
elmar.biernat at +351 218419052 3052
João Penedo
(Neutrino Physics, Fermion masses and mixing, Leptogenesis)
joao.t.n.penedo at +351 218419690 3690
Ph.D. Students
Name Email Phone Ext.
Franscisco Albergaria
(Fermion Masses, Mixing, CP Violation.)
Jose Filipe Bastos
(BSM, CP violation, Fermion Masses and Mixing, Vector-Like Quarks)
jose.bastos at 218419148 3148
Miguel Pedra Bento
(Higgs Physics)
miguel.pedra.bento at +351 218417966 1966
Rafael Boto
(Higgs Physics)
rafael.boto at
Henrique Câmara
(BSM and Astroparticle Physics)
Bernardo Gonçalves
(Multi-Higgs models, neutrino Physics)
bernardo.lopes.goncalves at +351 218419077 3077
Anton Kuncinas
(Fermion Masses, Mixing, CP Violation, Extra Dimensions)
anton.kuncinas at
Miguel Levy
(SM extensions, neutrino Physics)
plevymiguel at 218419077 3077
Joao Seabra
(Collider Physics and Machine Learning)
jfseabra94 at 218419094 3094
M.Sc. Students
Name Email Phone Ext.
Sérgio Carrôlo
(Higgs Physics, Neutrino Physics and Supersymmetry)
sergio.carrolo at
Ricardo Miguel da Cunha Rosa Florentino
(Multi-Higgs Physics)
ricardomflorentino at
Diogo Ivo
(Multi-Higgs potential 3HDM)
Ricardo Pedro
(Neutrino Physics, Fermion masses and mixing, LFV and CP violation, SUSY phenomenology, Leptogenesis)
Ricardo Santos
(Neutrino Physics and Cosmology)
ricardo.j.d.santos at
Franscisco Vazão
(Multi-Higgs Doublet Models)