List of CFTP Preprints
List of CFTP preprints in 2012


Preprint: CFTP/12-020
Authors: C. D. Froggatt, C. R. Das, L. V. Laperashvili and H. B. Nielsen
Title: New indications of the existence of the 6 top-anti-top quark bound states in LHC experiments
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Preprint: CFTP/12-019
Authors: Sanjib K. Agarwalla, Tracey Li, Olga Mena and Sergio Palomares-Ruiz
Title: Exploring the Earth matter effect with atmospheric neutrinos in ice

Preprint: CFTP/12-018
Authors: Ivo de Medeiros Varzielas, Luís Lavoura
Title: Flavour models for TM_1 lepton mixing

Preprint: CFTP/12-017
Authors: Nicolas Bernal, Celine Boehm, Sergio Palomares-Ruiz, Joseph Silk and Takashi Toma
Title: Observing Higgs boson production through its decay into gamma-rays: A messenger for Dark Matter candidates

Preprint: CFTP/12-016
Authors: F.X.Josse-Michaux, E. Molinaro
Title: Triplet Scalar Dark Matter and Leptogenesis in an Inverse See-Saw Model of Neutrino Mass Generation

Preprint: CFTP/12-015
Authors: D.L. Bennett, C.R. Das, L.V. Laperashvili, H.B. Nielsen
Title: The relation between the model of a crystal with defects and Plebanski's theory of gravity
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Preprint: CFTP/12-014
Authors: Nicolàs Bernal, François-Xavier Josse-Michaux and Lorenzo Ubaldi
Title: WIMP dark matter and baryogenesis
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Preprint: CFTP/12-013
Authors: C. Garcia Cely, A. Ibarra, E. Molinaro and S. T. Petcov
Title: Higgs Decays in the Low Scale Type I See-Saw Mechanism

Preprint: CFTP/12-012
Authors: Nicolas Bernal, Justo Martin-Albo and Sergio Palomares-Ruiz
Title: A novel way of constraining WIMPs annihilations in the Sun: MeV neutrinos

Preprint: CFTP/12-011
Authors: M. Hirsch, F. R. Joaquim, A. Vicente
Title: Constrained SUSY seesaws with a 125 GeV Higgs

Preprint: CFTP/12-010
Authors: J. A. Aguilar-Saavedra, F. R. Joaquim
Title: Measuring heavy neutrino couplings at the LHC

Preprint: CFTP/12-009
Authors: P.M. Ferreira, L. Lavoura, W. Grimus, P.O. Ludl
Title: Maximal CP violation in lepton mixing from a model with Delta(27) flavour symmetry

Preprint: CFTP/12-008
Authors: L. Lavoura, S. Morisi, J. W. F. Valle
Title: Accidental stability of dark matter

Preprint: CFTP/12-007
Authors: D. N. Dinh, A. Ibarra, E. Molinaro, S. T. Petcov
Title: The $\mu - e$ Conversion in Nuclei, $\mu \to e +\gamma$, $\mu \to 3e$ Decays and TeV Scale See-Saw Scenarios of Neutrino Mass Generation

Preprint: CFTP/12-006
Authors: Asmaa Abada, Antonio Figueiredo, Jorge Romao, Ana Teixeira et all
Title: Lepton flavour violation: physics potential of a Linear Collider

Preprint: CFTP/12-005
Authors: Ivo de Medeiros Varzielas, David Emmanuel-Costa and Philipp Leser
Title: Geometrical CP violation from non-renormalisable scalar potentials

Preprint: CFTP/12-004
Authors: Renato M. Fonseca, J. C. Romao and A. M. Teixeira
Title: Revisiting the $\Gamma\left(K\rightarrow e\nu\right)/\Gamma\left(K\rightarrow\mu\nu\right)$ ratio in supersymmetric unified models

Preprint: CFTP/12-003
Authors: P. M. Ferreira, L. Lavoura
Title: Texture-zero model for the lepton mass matrice

Preprint: CFTP/12-002
Authors: W. Grimus, L. Lavoura
Title: mu-tau interchange symmetry and lepton mixing

Preprint: CFTP/12-001
Authors: A. Meroni, E. Molinaro, S. T. Petcov
Title: Revisiting Leptogenesis in the SUSY SU(5) x T' Model of Flavour


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