List of CFTP Preprints
List of CFTP preprints in 2013


Preprint: CFTP/13-028
Authors: Ivo de Medeiros Varzielas & Luis Lavoura
Title: Golden ratio lepton mixing and nonzero reactor angle with A5

Preprint: CFTP/13-026
Authors: E. Biernat, Franz Gross, T. Pena, Alfred Stadler
Title: Confinement, quark mass functions, and spontaneous chiral symmetry breaking

Preprint: CFTP/13-025
Authors: Carolina Arbelaez, Jorge C. Romao, Martin Hirsch and Michal Malinsky
Title: Low scale left-right symmetric models and gauge coupling unification

Preprint: CFTP/13-024
Authors: E. Biernat, F. Gross, T. Pena, A. Stadler
Title: Pion electromagnetic form factor within the Covariant Spectator Theory

Preprint: CFTP/13-023
Authors: Joao Pulido, C.R.Das
Title: Sterile neutrinos in the 3+s scenario and solar data
ArXive: 1310.0426  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/13-022
Authors: A. J. R. Figueiredo, A. M. Teixeira
Title: Slepton mass splittings and cLFV in the SUSY seesaw in the light of recent experimental results

Preprint: CFTP/13-021
Authors: Luis Cebola, David Emmanuel-Costa, Ricardo Gonzalez Felipe
Title: Anomaly-free U(1) gauge symmetries in neutrino seesaw flavor models

Preprint: CFTP/13-020
Authors: Walter Grimus, Lui­s Lavoura
Title: Double seesaw mechanism and lepton mixing

Preprint: CFTP/13-019
Authors: Pritibhajan Byakti, David Emmanuel-Costa, Arindam Mazumdar, Palash B. Pal
Title: Number of fermion generations from a novel Grand Unified model
ArXive: 1308.4305  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/13-018
Authors: Renato M. Fonseca, Michal Malinsky and Florian Staub
Title: Note on the RGE evaluation in a general quantum field theory in the presence of kinetic mixing

Preprint: CFTP/13-017
Authors: Sacha Davidson, Ricardo Gonzalez Felipe, H. Serodio, Joao P. Silva
Title: Baryogenesis through split Higgsogenesis

Preprint: CFTP/13-016
Authors: Lui­s Lavoura, Werner Rodejohann, Atsushi Watanabe
Title: Reproducing lepton mixing in a texture zero model

Preprint: CFTP/13-015
Authors: Nicolas Bernal, Stefano Colucci, François-Xavier Josse-Michaux, Juan Racker, Lorenzo Ubaldi
Title: On the conditions for baryogenesis from dark matter annihilation.

Preprint: CFTP/13-014
Authors: Antonio Figueiredo
Title: The high-scale SUSY seesaw: LHC vs low energy

Preprint: CFTP/13-013
Authors: P.M. Ferreira, L. Lavoura, P.O. Ludl
Title: A new A_4 model for lepton mixing

Preprint: CFTP/13-012
Authors: S. Morisi,  D. V. Forero, J. C. Romao, and J. W. F. Valle
Title: Neutrino mixing with revamped A4 flavour symmetry

Preprint: CFTP/13-011
Authors: R. Gonzalez Felipe, H. Serodio, Joao P. Silva
Title: Neutrino masses and mixing in A4 models with three Higgs doublets

Preprint: CFTP/13-010
Authors: C.R. Das, L.V. Laperashvili and A. Tureanu
Title: Graviweak Unification, Invisible Universe and Dark Energy
ArXive: 1304.3069  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/13-009
Authors: P.M. Ferreira, L. Lavoura, P.O. Ludl
Title: Four models for lepton mixing

Preprint: CFTP/13-008
Authors: D. Emmanuel-Costa, C. Simoes and M. Tortola
Title: The minimal adjoint-SU(5) X Z_4 GUT model
ArXive: arXiv:1303.XXXX  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/13-007
Authors: Laura Lopez-Honorez, Olga Mena, Sergio Palomares-Ruiz and Aaron C. Vincent
Title: Constraints on dark matter annihilation from recent CMB observations

Preprint: CFTP/13-006
Authors: C.R. Das, Joao Pulido
Title: Long baseline neutrino experiments, mass hierarchy and delta(CP)
ArXive: 1302.0779  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/13-005
Authors: Antonio J.R. Figueiredo, A. Abada, J.C. Romao and A.M. Teixeira
Title: Potential of a Linear Collider for Lepton Flavour Violation studies in the SUSY seesaw

Preprint: CFTP/13-004
Authors: I. P. Ivanov, L. Lavoura
Title: Geometrical CP violation in the N-Higgs-doublet model

Preprint: CFTP/13-003
Authors: R. Gonzalez Felipe, H. Serodio, Joao P. Silva
Title: Models with three Higgs doublets in the triplet representations of A4 or S4
ArXive: 1302.0861  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/13-002
Authors: Carolina Arbelaez, Renato M. Fonseca, Jorge C. Romao and Martin Hirsch
Title: Supersymmetric $SO(10)$ GUTs with sliding scales

Preprint: CFTP/13-001
Authors: R. Gonzalez Felipe, F. R. Joaquim, H. Serodio
Title: Flavoured CP asymmetries for type II leptogenesis


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