List of CFTP Preprints
List of CFTP preprints in 2014


Preprint: CFTP/14-019
Authors: Angeles Moline, Alejandro Ibarra and Sergio Palomares-Ruiz
Title: Future sensitivity of neutrino telescopes to dark matter annihilations from the cosmic diffuse neutrino signal

Preprint: CFTP/14-018
Authors: P. M. Ferreira, L. Lavoura
Title: New textures for the lepton mass matrices

Preprint: CFTP/14-017
Authors: J. A. Aguilar-Saavedra, F. R. Joaquim
Title: A closer look at the possible CMS signal of a new gauge boson

Preprint: CFTP/14-016
Authors: Sofia Leit\~ao, Alfred Stadler, M. T. Pe\~na, Elmar P. Biernat
Title: Linear confinement in momentum space: singularity-free bound-state equations

Preprint: CFTP/14-015
Authors: D. Fontes, J. Romao and J. P. Silva
Title: $h to Z gamma$ in the complex two Higgs doublet model
ArXive: 1408.2534  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/14-014
Authors: Elmar P. Biernat, M. T. Pena, J. E. Ribeiro Alfred Stadler, Franz Gross
Title: Chiral symmetry and pi - pi scattering in the Covariant Spectator Theory

Preprint: CFTP/14-013
Authors: G. Branco, M. Rebelo, J. Silva-Marcos and D. Wegman
Title: Quasidegeneracy of Majorana Neutrinos and the Origin of Large Leptonic Mixing

Preprint: CFTP/14-012
Authors: Luis M. Cebola, David Emmanuel-Costa, Ricardo Gonzalez Felipe, Catarina Simoes
Title: Gauge coupling unification with minimal chiral fermion content

Preprint: CFTP/14-011
Authors: D. Fontes, J. C. Romao, J. P. Silva
Title: A reappraisal of the wrong sign hbb coupling and the study of h -> Z gamma

Preprint: CFTP/14-010
Authors: R. Gonzalez Felipe, H. Serodio
Title: Abelian realization of phenomenological two-zero neutrino textures

Preprint: CFTP/14-009
Authors: Antonio J. R. Figueiredo
Title: Neutrino masses from SUSY breaking in radiative seesaw models

Preprint: CFTP/14-008
Authors: Elmar P. Biernat, Wolfgang Schweiger
Title: Electromagnetic rho-meson form factors in point-form relativistic quantum mechanics
ArXive: submit/0953425  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/14-007
Authors: F.R. Joaquim, J.T. Penedo
Title: Radiative charged-lepton mass generation in multi-Higgs doublet models

Preprint: CFTP/14-006
Authors: Juan Herrero-Garcia, Miguel Nebot, Nuria Rius, Arcadi Santamaria
Title: The Zee-Babu Model revisited in the light of new data
ArXive: 1402.4491  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/14-005
Authors: F.J. Botella, G.C. Branco, M. Nebot, A. Sanchez
Title: Mixing asymmetries in B meson systems, the D0 like-sign dimuon asymmetry and generic New Physics
ArXive: 1402.1181  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/14-004
Authors: F.J. Botella, G.C. Branco, Adrian Carmona, M. Nebot, Leonardo Pedro, M.N. Rebelo
Title: Physical Constraints on a Class of Two-Higgs Doublet Models with FCNC at tree level
ArXive: 1401.6147  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/14-003
Authors: R. Gonzalez Felipe, I. P. Ivanov, C. C. Nishi, Hugo Serodio, Joao P. Silva
Title: A No-Go Theorem in Multi-Higgs Flavour Models

Preprint: CFTP/14-002
Authors: L. Lavoura, P. O. Ludl
Title: Residual Z2 x Z2 symmetries and lepton mixing

Preprint: CFTP/14-001
Authors: A. M. Teixeira, A. Abada, A. J. R. Figueiredo, J. C. Romao
Title: Lepton flavour violation at high energies: the LHC and a Linear Collider


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