List of CFTP Preprints
List of CFTP preprints in 2016


Preprint: CFTP/16-019
Authors: J. Bernabeu, F.J. Botella, N.E. Mavromatos, M. Nebot
Title: The signal of ill-defined CPT weakening entanglement in the B_d system

Preprint: CFTP/16-018
Authors: Alexander Belyaev, Giacomo Cacciapaglia, Igor P. Ivanov, Felipe Rojas, Marc Thomas
Title: Anatomy of the Inert Two Higgs Doublet Model in the light of the LHC and non-LHC Dark Matter Searches
ArXive: 1612.00511  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/16-017
Authors: Alfredo Aranda, Igor P. Ivanov, Enrique Jiménez
Title: When the C in CP does not matter: anatomy of CP-half-odd scalars and their Yukawa interactions
ArXive: 1608.08922  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/16-016
Authors: I. P. Ivanov, D. Seipt, A. Surzhykov, S. Fritzsche
Title: Elastic scattering of vortex electrons provides direct access to the Coulomb phase
ArXive: 1608.06551  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/16-015
Authors: I. P. Ivanov, D. Seipt, A. Surzhykov, S. Fritzsche
Title: Double-slit experiment in momentum space
ArXive: 1606.04732  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/16-014
Authors: I. P. Ivanov, V. G. Serbo, V. A. Zaytsev
Title: Quantum calculation of the Vavilov-Cherenkov radiation by twisted electrons
ArXive: 1602.05099  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/16-013
Authors: Hermes Belusca-Maito, Adam Falkowski, Duarte Fontes, Jorge C. Romao, and Joao P. Silva
Title: Higgs EFT for Two-Higgs Doublet Model and beyond

Preprint: CFTP/16-012
Authors: David Emmanuel-Costa and Ricardo Gonzalez Felipe
Title: More about unphysical zeroes in quark mass matrices
ArXive:   SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/16-011
Authors: Tanmoy Modak, Jorge C. Romao, Soumya Sadhukhan, Joao P. Silva and Rahul Srivastava
Title: Constraining wrong-sign hbb couplings with h->Upsilon Gamma
ArXive: 1607.07876  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/16-010
Authors: Darius Jurciukonis, Luis Lavoura
Title: Group-theoretical search for rows or columns of the lepton mixing matrix

Preprint: CFTP/16-009
Authors: D. Emmanuel-Costa, C. Simoes, Joao Sousa and M. Tortola
Title: Nearest-Neighbour-Interactions from a discrete anomaly-free adjoint-SU(5) model

Preprint: CFTP/16-008
Authors: R. Gonzalez Felipe, H. Serodio
Title: Two-Higgs-doublet models with maximally restrictive leptonic texture zeros

Preprint: CFTP/16-007
Authors: Laura Lopez-Honorez, Olga Mena, Angeles Moline, Sergio Palomares-Ruiz, Aaron C. Vincent
Title: The 21~cm signal and the interplay between dark matter annihilations and astrophysical processes

Preprint: CFTP/16-006
Authors: Angeles Moline, Jascha A. Schewtschenko, Sergio Palomares-Ruiz, Celine Boehm, Carlton M. Baugh
Title: Isotropic extragalactic flux from dark matter annihilations: lessons from interacting dark matter scenarios
ArXive: 1602.07282  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/16-005
Authors: Angeles Moline, Miguel A. Sanchez-Conde, Sergio Palomares-Ruiz, Francisco Prada
Title: Characterization of subhalo structural properties and implications for dark matter annihilation signals
ArXive: arXiv:1603.04057  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/16-004
Authors: Pedro Miguel Ferreira, Walter Grimus, Darius Jurciukonis, Luís Lavoura
Title: Scotogenic model for co-bimaximal mixing

Preprint: CFTP/16-003
Authors: Luis M. Cebola, David Emmanuel-Costa, Ricardo Gonzalez Felipe
Title: Neutrino observables from predictive flavour patterns

Preprint: CFTP/16-002
Authors: R. Gonzalez Felipe, D. Manreza Paret, A. Perez Martinez
Title: Constraints on the braneworld from compact stars
ArXive: 1601.01973  SPIRES Citations

Preprint: CFTP/16-001
Authors: Igor P. Ivanov, Joao P. Silva
Title: A CP-conserving multi-Higgs model without real basis
ArXive: arXiv:1512.09276  SPIRES Citations


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